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R.I.P. - Five Years of Digi Dub (1991-1996)

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DIGIDUB are working out a new Live format so no gigs till the spring BUT 5 Years Of the olde digidub album is on itunes - links coming soon.

DIGIDUB : "5 Years Of" was released in 1996 and is a compilation of early digidub singles and tracks. Now available as a download for the 1st time.
As the papers said at the time :

"Digidub : Backstreet mutants whose sound threatens to tell you more about 90s Britain than Britpop ever will"
Mixmag. April 1997.

"This compilation makes me realise what an empty and miserable world this would be without the existence of small labels and assorted music makers taking chances that no one apart from themselves and their friends think worth taking" DJ Mag. April 1997.

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Crick Crack
I Scream
No Way


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